Welcome Doll

Welcome Doll

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I have moved my BLOG !!!!!

I have moved my blog to a new platform ! For Videos & more makeup tips


I also have started a YouTube channel! SUBSCRIBE for makeup tips & more!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

L.A.B.2 I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit Review

I was amazed that L.A.B.2 reached out to me and sent me the most precious makeup kit ever! I have purchased some of my favorite makeup brushes from them with my hard working money, so I of all people know that when it comes down to price & quality, I want it all and that is what L.A.B.2 brushes have to offer. They did send me these free of cost which I have been so humbled by! to have this opportunity to review one of the BEST makeup brush line that I have ever used on my face.  

Buffing Brush
I used this all over my face to get rid of any harsh lines from contouring, you always want to buff out your face after setting your liquid foundation with a powder. 
Eye Shadow Brush
Foundation Brush
On the packaging it said that this brush will not leave streaks of foundation... like most brushes do this one leaves NO STREAKS! I loved this for my under eye concealer since it is a liquid base!

Contour Brush
This contour brush is PERFECT for getting that perfect contour ! seriously I am all about my sharp cheek bone!
These three musketeers I can't even do my eye shadow without them!
I have purchased these three brushes and not even kidding even if you are a beginner these brushes will be your bff when accomplishing any eye shadow look.  

My overall review of I'm turning pro brush kit ... amazing quality, great price, cruelty free, I love them ALL! Get yourself one brush and you will end up like me ... buying them all because they are that worth it! It doesn't even matter what kind of makeup you use, you just need all the right tools and L.A.B.2 has them all for YOU!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Women Of Worth Wednesday- Friends With Benefits

The Reality of Friends With Benefits 

What does it mean when someone asks can we be friends with benefits? This means that you will be submitting your precious self to someone who wants to have sex, make-out with you without any commitment, you are basically settling for someone who you give permission to disrespect you. 

Women of worth do not settle for friends with benefits, you either committed or hit the road with all that non sense. Don't ever settle  for that or even devalue yourself that way, why? its just a waste of time and you are allowing someone to disrespect you, remind yourself how valuable you are! 

Don't allow anyone to take away the precious value of your life, over their pleasure! It is not worth it. 

Be a woman of worth, know your value, boundaries, and most importantly don't allow anyone to make a fool out of you.